1. We had « a Grand Design » type dream for our old stone barn but living in the French countryside we were not optimistic about being able to find people with the experience or skills to fulfill our ambitions and leave the 200 year old building still standing.

    A passing mentions to Camille and three months later our Grand Design was achieved.

    She contacted reputable masons who had previous experience of the sort of work that we needed sourced materials, discussed the practicalities and above all she visited the work site every other day checking that everything was going to plan. If the workmen were worried or need adv ice then it was Cami that they telephoned. In effect, she was the Project Manager. She earned the respect and admiration of all who were involved in helping us achieve our dream.

  2. Meeting Camille during our house buying was a real boost to the process.

    Camille listens to the details of your requirements and has excellent communication skills enabling an exact understanding of what you do and do not require in your new home. She is excellent at developing a great working relationship during the time you are “house hunting”.

    Her bright positive personality, with a warm senses of humour smoothes the process and her professional attitude gives confidence as you navigate the system of house purchase. She works hard to search and meet your specific requirements.

    Having worked on large house renovations herself, this gives Camille another opportunity to share her knowledge should you find yourself looking at a property that requires work, be it major or minor work. She has a wide range of contacts to call on should further detailed professional advice be needed. Again this adds to the process in that it gives a greater confidence to you, as a prospective purchaser.

    Having Camille on-board for the duration makes the whole process enjoyable and fun!

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